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Producers Resources

Resources Available to Livestock Producers

Currently Situation of Screwworm in Panama

Currently, Screwworm (SW) remains in the eradication stage with incidences of positive cases in all the provinces of Panama either the exception of the Kuna Yala Region. By July 7, Panama has 11,212 positive cases, meanwhile Costa Rica, has 2,894 since the declaration of the outbreak in 2023 and Nicaragua 751 cases to date.

The emergency response is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Increase production of sterile pupae from 20 million to 92,645,209 million per week.
  • Increased aerial and ground release, with a total of 18 weekly flights and 40 ground release chambers in Nicaragua that average a dispersion of more than 62 million sterile flies.
  • Surveillance in field that includes visits to farms, increase in animal mobilization control posts (CMA) and increase in health education through trainings in communities, schools and farmers promoting appropriate sanitary practices.

Considering the previous points, to have better control of the worms and for the eradication measures to be effective, the active participation of producers and the population is important, promoting good livestock practices such as: inspecting, checking animals, healing the injuries, transport only healthy animals and immediately report cases of worms.

Let’s remember that NWS affects all warm-blooded animals, including humans, and a WhatsApp line 6670-6124, a call line 800-2673 and the social networks @copegamerica have been enabled to report cases. 6670-6124, una línea de llamadas 800-2673 y las redes sociales @copegamerica.

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