“In COPEG we are committed to fulfilling the purposes of the Cooperative and Supplemental Agreements between Panama and the United States, producing and dispersing sterile flies for screwworm (SW, its acronym in English) and conducting epidemiological surveillance in order to prevent their entry into the free region.

We maintain an ongoing effort to improve Human Resources and Quality Management System, as well as consolidating the image of COPEG beyond our borders as being an international reference”.


  1. Keep the territory of the Republic of Panama free of screwworm, ensuring the functioning of the Prevention Barrier and efficient epidemiological surveillance throughout the national territory.
  2. Develop and maintain the capacity to eradicate as soon as possible any eventual outbreak of SW in the Free Region.
  3. Improve the uptake of applicants and recruitment of human resources.
  4. Improve the satisfaction perceived by livestock producers and the community.


  • Quality Manual
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Manuals for Administrative Processes
  • Manuals for General Management
  • Manuals for the Plant
  • Field Operations Manual
  • Technical Directorate Manual
  • Manuals for Engineering and Industrial Maintenance