In pursuance to the provisions of the Cooperative Agreement, the Commission shall be integrated by 4 members duly designated by both countries. The Commissioners shall meet at least once on an annual basis and in other occasion, as deemed necessary with the objective to review the activities of the Commission, provide counseling and approve work plans and annual budgets.

Panama United States of America
S.E. Laurentino Cortizo
President of the Republic of Panama
Sonny Perdue
Agriculture Secretary of the United States of America
S.E. Augusto Valderrama
Minister of Agriculture Development
Kevin Shea
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Animal and Vegetables(APHIS) USDA
S.E. Hector Alexander
Minister of Economy and Finance
Chavonda Jacobs-Young
Agriculture Research Service(ARS) USDA
Eng. Aquiles Acevedo
National Association of Livestock(ANAGAN)
Mrs. Cheryle Blakely
Deputy Administrator
International Services (IS)